Tuesday, January 20, 2009

See the present and immediate Future as a Stock Trader.

We should learn to see price action on the right edge of the chat.The present and the immediate future as it appears in the price action and the chart.There is only a small academic value in dwelling on what has already occurred or in the long past.So the majority of effort should go into the direction of the present and in the immediate future what is going to happen.As far as we are
stock traders, we are concerned about the present and the immediate future.We do not live our lives drifting in the past, nor do we avoid the realities of the moment by lingering in some distant future.As active market players our lives are perpetually spent in the next 2 to may be 10 days.We look forward by breaking up the market into a very digestible 2 day to 2 week period.If we tend to get it right, we will tend to make a good deal of money.There is always the next 2 to 10 day period to get right.Don't waste too much energy looking backward.Approach the market with a forward looking view that extends over the next 2 days to 2 weeks.We, as traders, can't trade the past, and we certainty have not been endowed with the capacity to accurately see very far into the future.It is in the immediate future ,spanning for a period of maximum ten days, we traders will find the comfort,success,and higher accuracy that we seek. Muraleedharan. http://currencycentral.blogspot.com

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